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neck pain

When neck pain strikes, it commands your whole attention. The inability to raise, lower, or turn your head without agonizing pain can render you all but helpless in your daily activities, while the pain itself makes it impossible for you to relax, sleep, or even think straight. Neck pain can attack you in a variety of forms, for a variety of reasons, driving you to medicate yourself or even consider surgery. Here at Frame Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Toledo, we offer safer, more effective methods for easing your neck pain.

That Nagging Pain in the Neck

Neck pain can be either acute or chronic. Acute neck pain is the kind of pain associated with sudden injuries such as pulled neck muscles, herniated cervical discs, or dislocated cervical joints. You can experience all of these problems at once if you experience whiplash, in which your head is thrown around with enough force to damage or displace your neck structures.

Neck pain can also be associated with longstanding progressive or degenerative conditions/situations. The aging process contributes its own share of such problems, with bulging discs causing strain in the cervical joints and pushing against sensitive nerve roots. Spinal stenosis, in which the spinal canal becomes narrower and narrower, can also cause chronic neck pain. If your neck and head are out of alignment with each other, you may be prone to chronic neck muscle pain. Even your favorite sport or your everyday work tasks can place your neck under unnatural stress, leading to overuse and repetitive motion disorders. "Text neck" is an increasingly common example of posture-related pain suffered by smartphone users.

Our Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatment Options

You're quite right to hesitate before leaping into corrective surgery or heavy painkillers as neck pain treatment strategies. Our Toledo chiropractor, Dr. Frame, can determine the underlying cause of your pain by looking at your cervical spinal alignment, asking you about your lifestyle or any recent accidents you may have had, and evaluating your symptoms. Your non-surgical treatment plan may include chiropractic adjustments to bring your head and neck back into alignment or correct the position of cervical joints and discs. We can also prescribe acupuncture as a drug-free solution for easing your pain. We can even advise you on best practices for keeping your neck in optimal condition during your everyday life and work.

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain and Hello to Our Toledo Clinic

Your life is too full and busy to let it be limited by neck pain. Regain control of your comfort, function, and health by calling Frame Chiropractic & Acupuncture at (419) 573-0077.

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