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Dr. Mickey E. Frame is a respected Toledo chiropractor who is happy to provide his community with natural and drug-free wellness services. Dr. Frame has worked with all kinds of individuals from infants to expecting mothers to professional athletes, and he draws from best-practice research to deliver the highest quality services possible.

Chiropractor talking to a patientChiropractic Adjustments (Including Manipulation Under Anesthesia)

An adjustment is a gentle yet targeted pressure from a chiropractic practitioner's hands that can restore alignment and mobility in the spine. Dr. Frame is trained in a variety of adjustment techniques that alleviate pain from a wide range of conditions. 

Dr. Frame is also one of the first chiropractic clinicians in Toledo offering manipulation under anesthesia. This helps you achieve total relaxation during your adjustment, and is ideal for conditions including chronic re-injury and torticollis.


This traditional Eastern medicine uses thin sterile needles inserted into the skin (with little to no discomfort!) to trigger tension release and improved flow of nervous system signaling for faster healing. 

Physical Rehabilitation

Dr. Frame can teach you specific exercises to improve strength, range of motion, flexibility, and endurance so that you can avoid re-injury and heal injured tissues.

Spinal Decompression

At our clinic, we use a motorized spinal decompression table to impose a healing traction force on the spine. Decompression has been successfully used to revitalize injured discs, alleviate headaches and back pain, and reduce arm and leg symptoms associated with pinched nerves.

Nutritional Counseling

What does proper nutrition for you actually look like? Are you getting the right amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and calories to support an active lifestyle and lean body mass? Do you know which types of food promote tissue healing, improved immunity, and a healthy digestive system? Let Dr. Frame help you make sense of the confusing world of nutrition and guide you to the best foods and supplements for your needs.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

This non-invasive modality uses sound waves to trigger spasm reduce, increased local circulation, and decreased pain in conditions such as muscle strains, tendonitis, and bursitis. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Like ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation is a completely non-invasive way to relieve pain. Through electrode pads, gentle electrical impulses are transmitted to sensory nerves in your skin and disrupt the transmission of pain signals being sent throughout your nervous system.

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