Long-term Benefits of Massage Therapy

In the past, getting a massage was a luxury for those who could afford it. However, these days more people are getting them regularly as the awareness of their long-term benefits increases. Many healthcare professionals consider massage therapy an effective treatment option.


This is why many health insurance companies are providing coverage for massage therapy. While this type of therapy is still a luxury for many people, it can also deliver many health benefits. Thus, many doctors are even prescribing it as part of the standard treatment for certain health conditions.


What Is Massage Therapy?


Many cultures around the world have a rich history of massage therapy. In the U.S., this type of therapy is part of complementary and alternative medicine. A trained massage therapist uses hands-on methods to manipulate certain areas of the body. They use varying degrees of movement and pressure to achieve their goals.


How Massage Therapy Affects the Body


Some studies show that massage therapy can provide long-term benefits for patients. According to one analysis, a single massage therapy session can reduce the anxiety caused by a particular situation.


It can also lower the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure. Regular sessions, according to studies, can reduce pain, depression, and general anxiety. There are many different theories about how this form of therapy works.


One theory suggests that it can help block pain signals sent to the patient’s brain. Other theories suggest that it stimulates the release of endorphins or serotonin. Some experts claim that massage therapy can cause positive mechanical changes.


Long-term Benefits


According to proponents of massage therapy, it relieves tension. It also increases blood circulation and reduces stress. Moreover, it promotes relaxation throughout the body and leads to improved sleep. These lead to long-term benefits, such as:


Flexibility and Muscle Relaxation


Massage therapy targets the source of the pain a patient is experiencing. It does this by providing relaxation, increasing flexibility, and soothing tense muscles in the affected areas and the body. It also increases blood circulation to the injured or affected muscles. This increases oxygen and nutrients to the damaged body tissues.


Lower Blood Pressure


Massage therapy can help lower blood pressure, boost blood flow throughout the body, and improve your body’s overall function. According to a study published in the journal Biological Research for Nursing, individuals who got at least three massages per week lasting 10 minutes each had lower blood pressure than those who spent the same amount of time simply relaxing.


Chronic Pain Relief


Many people suffering from chronic pain, such as chronic back pain and migraines, often opt for massage therapy. This is because it is a natural, drug-free, and non-invasive way to relieve pain and improve the quality of life.


Better Posture


Massage therapy can help boost blood flow and reduce muscle tension. This will loosen joints, making your joints free to move. Moreover, it can improve your posture by reducing stiffness and increasing your range of motion. The best massage techniques for improving posture are Swedish massage, sports massage, and deep-tissue massage.


Other long-term benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Increased energy levels and reduced fatigue


  • A stronger immune system


  • Improved sleep


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