How Regular Chiropractic Visits Can Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Flare-ups

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects millions. You can get it by using your hands and wrists while performing repetitive movements. Doing so compresses the median nerves in your wrists, triggering the condition. It can lead to weakness, numbness, and pain in your hands and wrists. The median nerve controls the sensations in your first three fingers and thumb. It runs from your forearm into your hand. 

With carpal tunnel syndrome, you can expect other symptoms, including burning and tingling in your hands and wrists. 


What Are Carpal Tunnel Flare-ups?


Carpal tunnel flare-ups include:

  • Increased weakness

  • Numbness and pain episodes in your wrists and hands. Activities that strain the hand and wrists also trigger these flare-ups. 

Carpal tunnel flare-ups can affect your ability to do everyday tasks that need your hands. Inactivity for prolonged periods, like sleeping with a bent wrist, can increase carpal tunnel symptoms. 

Inflammation of your hand or wrist from conditions like arthritis leads to flare-ups by putting pressure on your median nerve. Medical conditions like thyroid disorders and diabetes can worsen your symptoms. Pregnant women have a greater risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because they have significant fluid retention, which increases the pressure on the median nerve.


The Relation Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Movement


Repetitive movements of your hands and wrists are the primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. You may experience it if you often play a musical instrument or type on a keyboard. 

Repetitive movements can cause injuries and lead to swelling and inflammation in your wrists and hands. As the swelling worsens, your median nerve gets compressed, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.


How Regular Chiropractic Visits Are Beneficial for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Chiropractic care prevents carpal tunnel syndrome in various ways. Chiropractors have the training to perform noninvasive and gentle adjustments to the hand and wrist. This enables them to reduce the compression of your median nerve. By doing so, they also reduce the swelling and inflammation, preventing flare-ups.

Chiropractic care also helps prevent carpal tunnel flare-ups through stretches and exercises. These protect your median nerve from compression. It does so by improving the flexibility and circulation in your wrist and hand.

Your doctor will also give you ergonomic recommendations to prevent carpal tunnel flare-ups. It may include advising you on the ideal mouse or keyboard and the best workstation setup.


Early Intervention


People experiencing carpal syndrome can benefit from routine chiropractic care. Early intervention prevents symptoms from worsening. It also reduces the risk of damaging the median nerve permanently.


Maintain Good Posture

Your posture can affect you in many ways. Maintaining a good posture helps prevent carpal tunnel flare-ups. It helps avert strain on your hands and wrists and reduces the risk of inflammation and injuries. Your chiropractor can advise you on the best way to maintain good posture. They will also reduce strain on your wrists and hands by realigning your spine.


Stay Active

Another way of preventing carpal tunnel from flaring up is by staying active. You can improve flexibility and circulation in your hands and wrists through regular exercises. Doing so keeps you from compressing your median nerve. Your chiropractor can give you stretches and exercises to help prevent carpal tunnel flare-ups.

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