How Do You Know if You Have Bad Posture?

Are you one of those people who experiences back pain, yet you cannot explain why? Close to 80 percent of Americans experience back pain, with a leading cause of pain being poor posture. Bad posture usually affects people's health, how they look, and how they feel. It also prevents an individual's joints and muscles from functioning properly.

Having good posture means placing the least possible stress on the joints, whether lying down, sitting, or standing.

The proper sitting posture involves adjusting the workstation, so it is the same height as your eyes. This adjustment prevents an individual from bending down to see the screen. The ears and shoulders should be in alignment, and the shoulders should pull back to their sockets.

The proper standing posture has your shoulders and ears aligned while your upper and lower back are straight. The hips, shoulders, and knees need to be in proper alignment, as well as your knees and ankles.


Signs That You Have Bad Posture

  • Failing The Wall Test

    • Stand with your back towards the wall, with just a few inches between the wall and your heels. Your buttocks, shoulders, and head should touch the wall, and the spaces between the wall and your neck and lower back should be equal. Failing this test is a sign of bad posture.

  • Persistent Neck and Back Pain

    • If you always feel stiff, sore, or tight around your neck and back area, you likely have bad posture. This is especially the case if you have not been in an accident or have no justification for the pain.

  • Development of a Hunchback

    •  A hunchback and forward head carriage are common signs of bad posture. A hunchback is the result of upper back rounding, while forward back rounding is a sign of the head leaning further forward than it should.


Remedies to Bad Posture


If you realize you have bad posture, the good news is that it is possible to adopt habits that can restore proper posture. These habits include:

  • Work Out More

    • Since excess weight is sure to lead to bad posture, you must look for ways to get rid of it and ease the burden on your frame. When you exercise, you will lose excess weight and gain the muscles you need to fight against bad posture.

  • Change Your Sleeping Habits

    • A firm mattress is the best surface for sleeping since it supports the spine correctly. Also, make sure to use a single soft pillow because too much elevation will strain your spine and neck. If you are fond of sleeping on your front, you need to change to sleeping on your back or on your side, as this poor sleeping position will strain the cervical vertebrae.

  • Practice Good Posture

    • Stand, sit, walk, and run while maintaining a good posture as much as you can. Correct your alignment as soon as you realize you are resuming bad posture.

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