4 Reasons You Should Sit and Stand While You Work

You must have heard how too much sitting is bad for you. Numerous studies show how this can increase a person's risk of developing various health issues. With more Americans living a sedentary lifestyle than ever, this is particularly alarming. Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people already managed to engineer physical activity out of their daily lives. But now, the current health and safety protocols have made things worse. Missing the gym, going out less, distance learning, and working from home demands countless hours on Zoom. For most people, this means even more sitting. Do you want to avoid the adverse health effects of sitting all day? Here are four reasons you should sit and stand while you work:



  • Sitting for Long Periods Is Hazardous to Health. An article published in Harvard Health Publishing emphasizes that a growing body of research suggests that habitual activity increases your risks for various health issues. These include weight gain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, deep-vein thrombosis, cancer, chronic back pain, and metabolic syndrome. 


  • Standing Offers Mental Benefits. One way to break free from the chains of sitting at your desk for too long is by using standing desks. Not only will standing help you avoid all of the adverse health effects of sitting. But this simple activity can help increase your activity level and ability to focus and stay alert. It's easier to release restless energy when you're standing. In fact, standing while you're working will burn about one-third more calories. Besides, it helps fight fatigue and lethargy. Some even claim that working at a standing desk helps keep their creative juices flowing.


  • Standing Gives You More Opportunities to Exercise.  Experts encourage everyone to aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. Physical activity is any activity that gets your body moving. Using a stand-up desk while working will prompt you to perform different exercises. These include squats, desk pushups, glute squeezes, knee raises, calf raises, and more. Regular physical activity, even if you're stuck at home, is hugely beneficial. It helps you manage your weight better and lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It reduces your risk of heart attack and other diseases. It promotes stronger muscles, bones, and joints and lowers your risk of falls. It gives you more energy, improves mood, and helps you sleep better. 


  • It's Best to Alternate Between Sitting and Standing. While too much sitting is bad for you, standing for too long is potentially risky, too. People who spend most of their day on their feet are prone to various health problems like poor circulation, varicose veins, and joint damage, among others. To enjoy the health benefits of standing, you need to take regular breaks in between by alternating sitting and standing. The key is to sit less, stand up, and move more. This will stimulate blood flow and increase muscular contractions. Recent research reveals that alternating the two every 30 minutes can help improve a person's blood sugar levels after a meal. 


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